Friday, January 25, 2013

L!fe Happens

I decided to watch L!fe Happens today
while I was working from home.
It was full of actors&actresses I love
so I figured it to be a great choice
and I was absolutely correct.
Not only was it a well-put-together
funny&heartwarming movie
but it was surprisingly thinspirational.
all tiny&beautiful ladies.
At one point...
Kate Bosworth was making a smoothie in the kitchen
and as she reached her arms out to work the blender
every bone in her body protruded.
A wonderfully thinspiring sight. 
I must.must.must get my shit together.
"Are there any more burritos left?"
"I guess I'll just eat a hot sauce packet."
-L!fe Happens

I'd love it if the boyfriend got a job in California.
Being in that sunshine
and surrounded by those beautiful people
would definitely be a constant thinspiration.

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