Tuesday, July 22, 2014


i often think this about our lack of sex
i'd rather have all my clothes hang off my bones
i've gotten on the scale once - it sucked

Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm definitely not into being a 1950's housewife or baking creepy treats
but this woman is beautiful&thin&talented.
Christine McConnell has a teeny-tiny waist and bony-little arms.
And her photography&baking are both completely amazing.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Muscle Tanks

The boyfriend LOVES tanktops.
...muscle tanks with silly sayings&images...
I definitely think we should have these.
Only I wish the "Beauty" was a different color than Pink.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WGP Thin

One of my girlfriends gave me the White Girl Problems book to read.
A book by: Babe Walker
It's pretty hilarious.
She often talks about weight&body image and cracks me up.
Favorite Quotes thus far:
"I'd rather have someone tell me I looked sick, miserable, starving, or dead
than have someone tell me I looked healthy."
-On her maid saying she looked healthy
"Pussycat, you can be an educated woman and starve yourself
and still be just as interesting and beautiful as all those white trash celebrities."
-Tai Tai (her grandma)

Her website is pretty hysterical, too.
And I follow her on twitter.
I wish I had the time&money to live like Babe Walker...
worrying about fashion&image all day and living the high life.
Maybe someday.
link to dildos?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sabrina Thinspo

Zelda lookin' thin in her junpsuite
I've been watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Hulu+
and channeling my inner late 90's early 00's fashion sense.
Her aunt Zelda, played by Beth Broderick, is the shows thinspiration, though.
She's supposed to be the nerdy aunt
but she's always so sexy - example: the above photo.
Sabrina, on the other hand, played by Melissa Joan Hart,
definitely goes through her awkward development throughout the show.
I mean, in my early 20's, I'm still fluctuating.
No matter her weight, I love her, though.
weight isn't addressed very often

Monday, July 14, 2014

Marathon Belly

It's my last week before my half marathon
so I figured I'd display a college fling's current body.
His belly is the floppy&bare one.
And this photo was taken after he ran a marathon.
I guess that's proof that running doesn't make one skinny
though it has definitely helped my quite a bit.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Water Diet

I haven't been grocery shopping in weeks.
Been living off egg salad and coffee w/ sugarfree creamer
...and water.
I'm trying not to buy groceries before my vacation.
And I'm not allowing myself to buy any snacks.
(saving money for this expensive&extravagant trip)
This constant hunger is hard, but good.
Luckily, the boyfriend loves to go out to eat
so I have delicious meals here&there with him.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Since I displayed my current body, I figured I'd also give an example of the body I miss.
Circa 2009
Not a whole lot smaller, but tighter&tinnier for sure.
I miss the thinness of my thighs and my prominent ribs.
I remember at this time I could share jeans with the girl in my Twitter&Thin post.
I don't remember it being that difficult to look this way, either.
I have to get it together. I will.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Body Lately

Figured I should "show off" my current body with a few snaps from the recent month.
I say "show off" because it's nothing noteworthy
and "show off" is the only phrase I can think off to display my current state.
A state that is soft&flabby with lovehandles&innerthighbulges.
I haven't really weighed myself all year... but I'm sure I'm still in the 125-130lb range
and at 5'3" ...that's way too big.
I dunno, I just feel like I haven't cracked down enough.
Sure, I run, but I don't balance that out with a perfect diet
meaning I'm not getting all the results I want and it's really stupid of me.
Maybe now that the 4th of July holiday is over
(and I did really well not falling off the wagon all weekend)
I'll be motivated to eat perfect till the half marathon then little/nothing on vacation.
Fingers crossed. Mind set.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


A few of my recent favorites from Twitter's Fitness Motivation.
Goal Stomach - yes, please
i can Definitely relate
i wish the bf&i were like this
10/2 i love
i wanna look like this in bed

Monday, July 7, 2014

Next Two Weeks

My half marathon is in two weeks
then I'm off on a three week vacation.
Goals to perfect myself for these events:
Eat Healthy, Drink Water, Sleep Well, Work Out.
I must cleanse myself into pure skin and thin body.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Weekly Muffins

I've been making batches of muffins every Sunday for mid-day snacks during the week.
I even made a whole batch for the boyfriend&I to nom on throughout vacation.
I use applesauce, whole wheat flower, eggwhites, and bananas
then whatever else I happen to have in the kitchen - i.e. kale&carrotjuice.
I never use recipes either, so it's always an adventure to try them.

Kale Banana Flaxseed
Banana Flaxseed
Banana Wheat

Thursday, July 3, 2014


My feelings obviously stems from jealousy
but they also tie into my long-standing irritation with social media.
First of all, there is no need to post about a workout or a diet.
But, I suppose not everyone has a blog to post through all the time.
Secondly, I hate those tiny fucking legs and wish they were mine!
Anyway... one of my best college girlfriends been doing a lot of posting lately
and losing a bit of weight and it drives me crazy.
She's always been tiny (and always tried to be that way)
but she's also always been rather soft&non-toned
yet right now she's exceptionally thin and obsessed with sharing her workouts via twitter.
I just don't think it's necessary to post about it
especially when it's obvious you work out because you're small!
Like I said: jealousy.
I wish my legs looked as thin as hers.
I guess, though, it's benefiting me because I went to spin&ran 10 miles last night
after reading about her double workout day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Unnecessary Problem

I'm in a girlfriend's wedding this fall and at lunch this past weekend
she informed me that both her shower&wedding dresses don't fit anymore!
She's gained 25lbs since purchasing them and needs to drop it before fittings in August.
Sadly, she's one friend I really don't believe will succeed.
She's the only person I know who ran out and tried taco bell breakfast.
And she posted about how much she wanted to try a mac-n-cheese topped hotdog!
I hope for her sake she can get it together,
but some people just have horrible eating habits and even the need is dire
- like fitting into a wedding dress -
the success is just impossible based on mindset.
Step 1 to fitting into a wedding dress: stop eating shit

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Relating to PostSecret

I know I should know better
and I definitely do know better
but I chose to desire an eating disorder.
I may not succeed always - but I want my ED.
I've been a vegetarian since I was a toddler.
Throughout the past year, I ate a lot of meat with the boy, though.
I will not allow myself to get off track anymore.
Being a vegetarian is one of the best ways to avoid eating.
 My body-image issues have existed since I can remember.
My mom was always pointing out people's weight&size
and she was constantly trying new diets.
Often she was convincing me to try them with her.
We had some friends in town this weekend.
Shockingly, our guy friend is the one who binge&purged.
The knowledge that he'd done this shook me
and actually made me never want to b&p again.
I've been a runner my whole life
and I definitely embraced EDs during my highschool running days.
Somehow the less I ate, the better I was.
I'm trying to get back to my roots with this half marathon training.