Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WGP Thin

One of my girlfriends gave me the White Girl Problems book to read.
A book by: Babe Walker
It's pretty hilarious.
She often talks about weight&body image and cracks me up.
Favorite Quotes thus far:
"I'd rather have someone tell me I looked sick, miserable, starving, or dead
than have someone tell me I looked healthy."
-On her maid saying she looked healthy
"Pussycat, you can be an educated woman and starve yourself
and still be just as interesting and beautiful as all those white trash celebrities."
-Tai Tai (her grandma)

Her website is pretty hysterical, too.
And I follow her on twitter.
I wish I had the time&money to live like Babe Walker...
worrying about fashion&image all day and living the high life.
Maybe someday.
link to dildos?

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