Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Body Lately

Figured I should "show off" my current body with a few snaps from the recent month.
I say "show off" because it's nothing noteworthy
and "show off" is the only phrase I can think off to display my current state.
A state that is soft&flabby with lovehandles&innerthighbulges.
I haven't really weighed myself all year... but I'm sure I'm still in the 125-130lb range
and at 5'3" ...that's way too big.
I dunno, I just feel like I haven't cracked down enough.
Sure, I run, but I don't balance that out with a perfect diet
meaning I'm not getting all the results I want and it's really stupid of me.
Maybe now that the 4th of July holiday is over
(and I did really well not falling off the wagon all weekend)
I'll be motivated to eat perfect till the half marathon then little/nothing on vacation.
Fingers crossed. Mind set.

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