Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Running Goals

If she can do it,
I can do it.
One of the boyfriend's friend's girlfriend
[who's already teeny-tiny]
has started running
and constantly posts picture
before&after her runs
which irritates the shit out of me.
It's pure jealousy on my part.
I've always been a runner,
but not very serious.
Sure, crosscountry&track in highschool,
but never much more.
I want to run a marathon...
...I've been saying it for years.
I need to just do it.
So instead of getting annoyed
when she posts her show-off pictures
I need to get off my ass
and go for a run.
Today I make a vow:
by this time next year,
I will have run a half marathon.
[faster than her!]

I got in 3 miles around 24mins
on the treadmill.
I really need to start getting up
for morning runs, though.

Day 232

Grapefruit - 50cals
Cucumber - 20cals
Almonds - 180cals
Romaine w/ Peppers & Olive Oil - 150cals

Walk - 150cals
Cycling - 350cals

NET: -100

Monday, April 29, 2013


I finally found a worthy tanning salon today.
I haven't found one since I moved...
mostly because I was trying to cut back
and because the boyfriend haggled tanning
into our monthly gym membership.
But I pretty much hate those beds.
So I found a high quality salon
just a mile down the street from my house
with high pressure beds.
I walked there
and it took me back to my college days
when I'd walk to the tanner at dusk
and lay in a big comfy bed
for my 20 minutes of "me time."
I feel so happy right now.
I love memories
and I love wonderful tanners.
Good day for me.
No matter how many people
tell me how awful it is for me...
tanning will probably always be
one of my favorite things.

Day 231

Grapefruit - 100cals
Almonds - 180cals
Carrots - 50cals
Apple - 60cals
Taco Salad - 150cals

2 Mile Walk - 200cals
Incline Walk - 200cals
Chest @ Gym - 150cals

NET: -10

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pizza Face

I've had a horrible complexion lately.
It's embarrassing.
I feel like a 13-year-old boy
with a pizza face.
It could be the adderall
[which I'm out of...]
or stress.
Whatever the reason,
it's very frustrating.
Makes me not want to work on my body
when I can't control my face.
I suppose,
instead of being defeated
I should work harder.
Cleaning my diet completely
to cut out anything
that could make my face
do not want to look gross
on vacation.
(at least my jaw&cheekbones are lookin' skinny.)

Day 229-230

Day 237
Celery & Peanut Butter - 300cals
"Taco Salad" - 200cals
[lettuce, black beans, salsa, guacamole]

Dry Cinnamon Chex - 100cals

Stairs Run - 200cals

Day 238
Celery & Peanut Butter - 200cals
"Taco Salad" - 200cals Dinner:
Grapefruit - 100cals

Stairs Run - 200cals

NET: 400

Thursday, April 25, 2013

VeganVaca Inspo

30 days till vacation
so I'm going vegan till then.
I don't eat much meat as it is,
but I figured I'd be serious
just for a little while
before vacation.
I was a vegetarian for most of my life
and I'd love to go back to it.
Being vegan and eating all organic
would be my ultimate dream.
My hopes with our new home purchase
is to have a great garden in the backyard.
I'd like to grow all my food
eat entirely local.
Can't wait to show off my
Vegan Bikini Bod.

My inspiration for going vegan
was a photo tweeted by BeFitMotivation
(an excellent handle to follow.)
It's now my computer background
and I love the bright colors
and positive vibes it gives me.
Great thing to look at often
just avoiding the eggs& yogurt for now.

Day 227

Apples - 100cals
Apples - 100cals
Romaine w/ Peppers, Olives, Vinegar&Oil - 200cals
Orange Italian Ice - 100cals

Walk w/ Stairs - 200cals

NET: 300

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've been wanting a bodysuit.
I have tons of cute&fun bottoms
- floral skirts&pants -
- tiedye&corderoy summer shorts -
and I wanted a top to "tuck in"
so I figured a bodysuit would be perfect.
I found a black danskin on amazon
and it was delivered yesterday.
I need to buy more in every color.
So handy...
and so motivating
to have a tight bodysuit to wear.

I finally weighed myself last night
...first time in over a month...
and I was still at 125lbs
- 125.0 to be exact -
which was pretty exciting since I haven't
completely behaved this past month.

Day 234

Apples - 100cals
Apples - 100cals
Chicken Soup - 150cals
Greek Salad - 200cals

Walk w/ Stairs - 200cals

NET: 350 [250]

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I know-I know I'm way behind on discovering this show, but I ran across Bravo's Workout on Netflix and fell in love with the first season. As the show progressed through seasons 2&3, I think Jackie Warner turned into quite the selfish bitch, but it was still motivating to watch a show revolving around personal training&workout.
The lesbian hooks up tickled my fancy, too, since I haven't had a great lesbian affair in a couple years. (and - if this boyfriend of mine is it in for the long haul - I probably never will.) The trainer Jackie started hooking up with in the gym is a hot-hot-hot girl. And the two of them make a pretty sexy match - though it was obvious Jackie would never hold that adorable relationship together cause she's a control-freak-mess.
I could look at pictures of Rebecca Cardon
all day every day.
All the other characters were pretty cute&entertaining. There was drama, of course, but it really did focus mostly on workouts and the transformation of clients throughout the season, so I think it's worth watching if you have Netflix.

Day 233

Apples - 100cals
Apples - 100cals
Salad w/ FF Ranch - 150cals
Cookie Dough - 100cals

Walk w/ Stairs - 200cals

NET: 250 [150]

Monday, April 22, 2013

Apple Cleanse

The boyfriend&I have decided to do
an Apple Cleanse this week.
I have a little reunion dinner
with a few girlfriends coming to my area
and he has a golf outing,
so we'd both like to look good this weekend.
I found the cleanse on livestrong.com
and it seems very simple and easy to follow.
Apples from morning to evening
then green veggies for dinner.
I mostly picked it
because we have a fridge full of apples
and lots of frozen veggies.
I'm excited for the week.
I love little kick-off times.
Today wasn't so successful, though.
I had a free chips & queso coupon
waiting in my mailbox, 
so I let myself cheat a little.
Days 2-5 will be better.

Day 232

Apple - 100cals
Apple - 100cals
Chips & Cheese - 200cals
Raspberry Froyo - 100cals

Run - 300cals

NET: 200cals

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wedding Look

I was on a motivation roller coaster
leading up to my friend's wedding
but I think I got it together
the week before.
I made some cleanse tea
did some tanning
and had a few "ok" workouts.
The morning of the wedding
I did a quick shoulder workout,
went for a long run, and
- unhealthy, I know -
didn't drink any water for 2 days.
The dehydration + the workout
really made my muscles&bones pop.
I sent my judgmental mother a pic
and she commented on how tiny I looked.
(I got all these tips from an episode of Workout
...guess I'll post about the show sooner/later.)

Day 229-231

Orange Mango Smoothie - 150cals
Greek Salad - 200cals
Beer & Shots - 500cals
Lots of Walking in Heels - 300cals

Cheddar Omlette - 200cals
House Salad - 150cals
Mashed Potatoes, Corn, & Gravy - 200cals
Chili - 100cals
Walk - 200cals

Salad - 200cals
Burger w/ Green Olives & Mustard - 200cals
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - 150cals
Caramel Froyo w/ Syrup - 200cals
Run - 200cals
100 Jumping Jacks - 100cals

3 Day NET: 1450 [1150]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tan Trip

So the boyfriend&I booked a
One-Week European Cruise/Vacation
for the end of May.
The two of us
and two other couples
for a week
in bikinis.
.I Can't Fucking Wait.
.36 Days to get in Tip-Top shape.
I can do this.
I will be the hottest girlfriend on the trip.
Another Goal:
Stick with tanning.

Day 228

Broccoli Cheddar w/ French Bread - 250cals
Chicken Stir Fry - 150cals
Chips & FF Cheese - 100cals

Walk w/ Stairs - 150cals

NET: 350

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mannequin Chub

I ran across this article a while ago
about "full figured" mannequins in Sweden.
Though I prefer to
be tiny-see tiny-think tiny
I do commend this store for showcasing
"real bodies."
It's sad that people can't control themselves
and end up fat&unhealthy
but this mannequin really isn't as bad
as most of the nasties walking around...
So I don't mind her.

Day 227

Greek Salad - 200cals
Peanut Butter - 100cals
Apple - 30cals Dinner:
Taco Salad - 200cals

Incline Walk - 300cals

NET: 230

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tiny Housewife

The new Housewife
on Real Housewives of O.C.
is a tiny lady.
I love when new characters appear
to throw some thinspo in my face.
She's beautiful, too.
She may-or-may-not drive me nuts
but so far
I like her presence
with her tiny arms&legs&outfits.
Her introduction in last night's episode
made me feel very thinspired.

Day 226

Apple Slices - 100calsLunch:
Peanut Butter - 200cals
Chips & Guacamole - 200calsDinner:
Cheese Bread - 200cals
Incline Walk - 300cals

NET: 400

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tragic Motivation

I think its incredibly annoying when people latch on to tragedy that has nothing to do with them, but this whole ordeal with the Boston Marathon has really hit my heart. The fact that all these people who were working so hard to better their lives were so negatively effected in the blink of an eye hits home to me.
It makes me remember to
live my life to the fullest
- stop sweating the small stuff -
- do what I want when I want to do it -
- without giving excuses or finding distractions. -
Life is so short and precious
and the person I want to be should be the person I am.
Since, I'm not there yet,
I need to get my ass in gear and get there.
I need to live the life I want
while it's still there for the living.
I took a little break from blogging.
Got a promotion at work...
started house-hunting with the boyfriend...
prepped for holidays and friends' weddings...
excuses excuses excuses.
They may all be legitimate reasons not to take control, but I will not allow myself to be taken over again.
Thank goodness I didn't gain during this break.
I'm actually feeling pretty tiny, but I "haven't had time" to weigh myself.
Getting my shit together right now.
I'm back.
That's all there is to it.
And I will reach all my goals.

Day 225

Greek Salad w/ Pita & Dressing - 200cals
Peanut Putter - 300cals
Tootsie Rolls - 100calsDinner:
Cheese Bread - 200cals
Blood Orange Sorbet - 200cals
Stairs Walk - 200cals

NET: 800 [600]