Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mannequin Chub

I ran across this article a while ago
about "full figured" mannequins in Sweden.
Though I prefer to
be tiny-see tiny-think tiny
I do commend this store for showcasing
"real bodies."
It's sad that people can't control themselves
and end up fat&unhealthy
but this mannequin really isn't as bad
as most of the nasties walking around...
So I don't mind her.


  1. I think that mannequin is pretty sexy! Further, I personally think women are constantly pushed to be thinner (because then we will be more beautiful and desired... etc.).

    Honestly, I don't think you have to be skinny. Though I'm not going to take the first step to gaining some weight, I'm okay with other people being bigger. Our youth should have something healthy to look at and be happy with themselves no matter what weight they are at. Because we are women, therefore, I think we are beautiful.

    Stay strong, I commend Sweden for being revolutionary. I commend you for being strong!