Thursday, April 25, 2013

VeganVaca Inspo

30 days till vacation
so I'm going vegan till then.
I don't eat much meat as it is,
but I figured I'd be serious
just for a little while
before vacation.
I was a vegetarian for most of my life
and I'd love to go back to it.
Being vegan and eating all organic
would be my ultimate dream.
My hopes with our new home purchase
is to have a great garden in the backyard.
I'd like to grow all my food
eat entirely local.
Can't wait to show off my
Vegan Bikini Bod.

My inspiration for going vegan
was a photo tweeted by BeFitMotivation
(an excellent handle to follow.)
It's now my computer background
and I love the bright colors
and positive vibes it gives me.
Great thing to look at often
just avoiding the eggs& yogurt for now.