Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Running Goals

If she can do it,
I can do it.
One of the boyfriend's friend's girlfriend
[who's already teeny-tiny]
has started running
and constantly posts picture
before&after her runs
which irritates the shit out of me.
It's pure jealousy on my part.
I've always been a runner,
but not very serious.
Sure, crosscountry&track in highschool,
but never much more.
I want to run a marathon...
...I've been saying it for years.
I need to just do it.
So instead of getting annoyed
when she posts her show-off pictures
I need to get off my ass
and go for a run.
Today I make a vow:
by this time next year,
I will have run a half marathon.
[faster than her!]

I got in 3 miles around 24mins
on the treadmill.
I really need to start getting up
for morning runs, though.