Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I know-I know I'm way behind on discovering this show, but I ran across Bravo's Workout on Netflix and fell in love with the first season. As the show progressed through seasons 2&3, I think Jackie Warner turned into quite the selfish bitch, but it was still motivating to watch a show revolving around personal training&workout.
The lesbian hooks up tickled my fancy, too, since I haven't had a great lesbian affair in a couple years. (and - if this boyfriend of mine is it in for the long haul - I probably never will.) The trainer Jackie started hooking up with in the gym is a hot-hot-hot girl. And the two of them make a pretty sexy match - though it was obvious Jackie would never hold that adorable relationship together cause she's a control-freak-mess.
I could look at pictures of Rebecca Cardon
all day every day.
All the other characters were pretty cute&entertaining. There was drama, of course, but it really did focus mostly on workouts and the transformation of clients throughout the season, so I think it's worth watching if you have Netflix.