Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hayden Thinspo

A friend had this sitting in her bathroom
so I read Hayden Panettiere's article on health&fitness.
She mostly talked about
the difference between living in LA vs. Nashville.
How her diet&exercise was so hardcore
when she lived in LA
and now that Nashville is so low-key.
She enjoys the foods she craves in moderation
and does workouts she enjoys like hiking
instead of forced&difficult training.
If you can't tell from my past few weeks of exercise
I took the article to heart.
Instead of dreading an hour on the elliptical
I run up&down 4 flights of stairs every hours at work
or simply walk on the treadmill at the gym
since the boyfriend drives there every day anyway.
And I enjoy it so much more.
Sure, there are days that I feel more intense...
today, I planned to walk
and - instead - I found myself running
full-speed at an incredible incline.
But mostly, I just do what I'm feeling
and watch my food intake a little better.
I've stayed at 126.5lbs two mornings in a row
so I think it's working for now.

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