Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goal Options

Bodybuilding: Female bodybuilders are graded much like their male counterparts. However, judges look for these women to maintain a feminine look. 

Bikini: Bikini athletes must have a healthy physique; judges are not looking for striated muscularity or definition. They're graded for their symmetry, confidence, skin tone, and grace. 

Figure: Figure judges seek a more feminine physique than bodybuilding, but look for more athletic, muscular, and conditioned physiques than bikini athletes.

Fitness: These women demonstrate their strength, flexibility, and fitness in a choreographed routine. They'll also be judged in a side-by-side bikini round. 

Women's Physique (new): These competitors are more muscular than figure athletes, but are not hard, defined, or dry like bodybuilders.

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