Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thinspo Movies

I went on a documentary craze
last Friday during work.
I didn't feel like starting a new TV show
was suggested to me by Netflix.
From there, I watched "Food Matters"
then a couple different ones on
local farming
eating fresh
the dangers of the meat industry.
(maybe I'll discuss those later.)
All of which were so interesting
and inspirational.
I wish everyone I care about
would watch Hungry For Change.
It was worded so well
and seemed so relateable
without being extreme
or attacking.
I definitely recommend it
and sometimes I think documentaries
are the most fun way to learn.
(more detailed reviews to come.)

I found a list of thispo movies last week,
so maybe I'll have some reviews on these soon.
-For the love of Nancy
-Hunger Point
-Kate’s Secret
-Sharing the Secret
-Little Girls in Pretty Boxes
-Perfect Body
-The Best Little Girl In the World
-Dying to Dance
-A Secret Between Friend

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