Sunday, February 17, 2013

SI Thoughts

I got the boyfriend a Sports Illustrated subscription
(mostly for the other perks - like a cheap Madden game for his PS3)
and he excitedly receives them every week in the mail.
Last week
when I got home with our naughty Valentine's meal,
he came running in from the mailbox
with the Swimsuit Issue in hand.
Look at Kate Upton's boobs! They're unreal!
It's true... they do seem unreal...
especially after looking at last year's cover
with "last year's body"
who's boobs don't seem nearly as large.
And - all around - her body seems bigger in general.
We looked at her Antarctican spread
and both decided that she looked rather soft&thick.
Absolutely beautiful, obviously
but not toned in the slightest.
The next day
sports-talk-radio-station were questioning its viewers
on their opinions of the cover&spread.
And basically everyone agreed that she:
"could have looked better"
"Sports Illustrated didn't do her any justice."
I yelled at the dashboard
(like I usually do when listening to other peoples' comments)
arguing that that is both Kate&SI's intentions:
to promote the "real woman."
I think she may have even put on a few pounds
since the last time she was attacked for her weight.
She's known for her curves.
Her "natural body" is marketable.
That is her brand ... and she's owning it.
Now, I personally prefer to be tiny
and I think bones are far more beautiful than
But, to each their own, I suppose.
there is no way Kate let Sports Illustrated publish "unflattering" photos.
She knows what she's was doing.

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