Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Early V-Day

Since Valentine's Day falls a day after Lent begins
we opted to have our dirty-cheat-meal tonight.
The boyfriend has a headcold
thus stayed home from work
so I surprised him with the goodies we'd discussed:
Deep Dish Cheese Pizza & Cinnamon Rolls
A disgustingly delicious dairy bomb
of his favorite treats before Lent's kick-off.
Tomorrow starts: NO DAIRY.
I was a good-little-bulimic girl
and threw up all the shit we ate,
but I certainly enjoyed the last indulgence
on its way down.

126lbs this morning.
I've been consistently down there
so that's nice.
If I net 400calories a day...
I should lose 2lbs a week
which means I'll be fasting tomorrow.
Green Tea - Coffee - Water

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