Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lilly's Loss

Reruns of How I Met Your Mother
seem to be on TV every single night
and - though I've never followed the show - 
I always watch it.
The other night's episode
was days before Lily&Marshall's wedding
and Lily decided to try on her dress for Robin.
When she throws her arms up in excitement
the dress falls down around her waist
and she gasps&screams something about:
losing weight on accident.
(though she does look really skinny at the time in the series)
So she goes on a binge...
trying to gain weight for the wedding.
Lily: I lost a pound! 
Robin: That is impossible!

You ate McDonalds for 3 days. 
Lily: I knew that Super Size Me guy was full of it!

I wish I could lose on accident.
Then get to eat all the things I crave...
I can't wait for some of clothes are too big.
I'm due for a shopping-spree
and some confidence boosters.

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