Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heel Confidence

The boyfriend&I went to a bar last night
to enjoy some live music.
We've familiarized ourselves with the local bands
so it's kind of fun to feel like we're "in the know."
It's funny to see some of the same people, too.
the same girls
in trendy tops - skinny pants - high heels
making me feel completely inferior.
I didn't drink last night,
so I soberly watched them bounce around
mentally noting what I'd like to shop for.
I really need to clean out my closet
- keep all the adorable thing -
and buy some new shit that compliments me.
Maybe if I had trendy tops
and skinny legs for skinny pants
I'd want to wear all my cute high heels.
I had a bitch of a friend once
who lost a ton of weight
and started wearing heels all the time...
her confidence in heels made me incredibly jealous.

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