Monday, June 9, 2014

Wedding Weightloss

A girl I went to high school with got married over the weekend.
Now I know a lot changed from high school to now...
(2008 was 8 whole years ago!)
but I've seen this girl recently & she hadn't changed that much.
On her wedding day, though,
her pre-wedding diet&running regimen definitely shined through.
She was never a "big" girl, but she looked skeletal.
Her soft body had lost every ounce of extra
exposing only her skin&bones
even her hipbones protruded under her lace&sparkly dress.
Obvs, I'm envious of her new&tiny look,
but she's not the first girl I've seen shrink substantially for her big day
and (generally) they pack it back on after the fact
so I'll have to keep a look out.
For her sake, I hope she maintains a healthy weight.
It's sad to think she'll forever look back on her wedding pictures
and never be as small as she was that one day
but maintaining that body when it's just not natural seems awful.
Good for her, though.

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