Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I think my strict daily blogging rule
is what allows me to fall away so easily.
I get discouraged with a few days of catch-up
then give up entirely.
...not that any of you beautifuls have set these lofty goals for me...
so I think I'll cut back.
Maybe a weekly food&exercise log instead of daily
and more posts when I "feel it"
not because I have to.
To be honest, though, I didn't give up on my ambitions
even though I neglected .BeneathBones. so terribly.
My birthday was buried in these past 5 months
and I didn't even binge or gain.
I'm not sure what I weigh ...honestly.
I was going to get on the scale
...the battery was dead...
so I took it as a sign and stepped off.
I was fitted for a friend's bridesmaid dress
size 4
and since those dressed always run small
that was satisfying.
And I've consistently been running&spinning.
Gotta work a little more on my intake
but I'm not displeased.
And I've missed you, followers.
I will try to be better.

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