Monday, June 2, 2014


I went MIA for a while
(Missing In Action - not Mia ...I wish, though.)
The boy&I basically called it quits.
He was being really shitty&useless
and I was sick of feeling like nothing&nobody.
I'd like to say I starved the frustration out of me.
But that isn't true.
I haven't gained, but I haven't lost.
I was mostly stagnant - in a blackout - doing nothing
well, besides drinking&laying
till about a month ago...
No good.
Now - I suppose - we're better,
though we have a long way to go if we wanna make it.
So, I've decided to wake back up.
Time to get my shit together
and pull myself to the surface.
Maybe I'll weigh myself next Monday.
Soon I'll expound upon my goals&motivations.
Summer's almost here...
thank fucking gawd.