Thursday, June 19, 2014

Facebookness Revisited

I feel like I need to go back and expand on some posts from last winter.
Take for instance my "Facebookness" post.
It's sad that celebrities have to defend themselves.
I'm definitely a fan of flippin' through US Weekly and checkin' out all the bodies
and I certainly have my opinions while doing so
but to publicly attack&harass someone on their facebook seems wild to me.
I think Miranda Lambert looks great.
I got sick of seeing her picture all over the place for her weightloss
but America loves a good comeback story, so it's no surprise.
I agree with her criticism of "the scale" and appreciate her emphasis on diet&exercise
instead of the pills&cleanses some celebs endorse.
I definitely get bogged down when I see "129lbs" when all I want is "119lbs"
but I know that it's about how I feel and confidence is key.
Secondly, I very irritated with the Tara Lynn rage
mostly because she's so not plus sized in my mind and so many praised her anyway.
And I think this cover was overly photoshopped cos she looks much bigger usually.
But also because of the ignorant things so many people say.
Like I said in my post about Miss USA:
It's sad that we cling to the "bigger" girls.
It's sad that we worship someone for not being thin.
Why do we have to pick a side to latch to at all?
(probably because the population of chubbos we've turned into needs an icon.)

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