Friday, June 13, 2014

Sick Thin

Here's another post I had drafted
and never posted in the fall/winter.
Is it bad that I want a cold
so I can lose my tastebuds&appetite?
Being sick is an easy way to get thin
especially as the weather is cold.
I got sick right after I started half marathon training
and I think it did do me some good.
It wasn't fun to run with sniffles&sneezing
but not being able to taste anything
makes eating much less appealing.
I lived on monster&halls
and I felt pretty tiny&frail.
This past winter I had tenants in my basement.
They sucked.
My Mr.'s high school friend & his girlfriend.
Since the Mr.&I weren't even together:
it was awkward.
Since the girlfriend was a wanna-be-anorexic bitch:
it was annoying.
I'm glad they're gone.
But, anyway, she was always sick
and using it as an excuse to turn down food
and using it as a reason to avoid work
and using it as sympathy for attention from her bf.
At least I was only sick for a week
and I still ran between 3-7 miles every day.

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