Monday, November 4, 2013

Over-Sized Thin

My brother came to visit me last weekend.
He has the body of a male model
and always makes me feel fat&disgusting
(not on purpose - he'd never talk down to me)
and he loves to encourage when I'm tiny.
We went shopping on Sunday morning
and he commented on my clothing choices.
He thought my gigantic sweaters were fun
and complimentary on my small frame
which I felt to be an excellent observation.
Over-Sized Sweaters & Tights & Booties
are my prefered outfit these days.
Sometimes I feel like the tinier I get
the bigger my clothes get...
I like feeling like I'm swimming in them.
Maybe it's silly, but it makes me happy.
I need to stop eating all this naughty shit, though.
I've had SO MUCH PIZZA lately
I could kill myself by drowning in marinara!
It's disgusting.
And disturbing.
And I'll never look good matter how big my clothes are!