Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eating Liquids

A friend of the boyfriend's
has a tiny girlfriend
and I always assumed she was just
"one of those naturally thin girls"
but I found out the other weekend
just how untrue that is
when he got a little tipsy
and started complaining
about how she never eats.
They just moved in together
(just down the street from our house)
and he said they have no food in the house
which shocked me
cause I figured she ate like a horse
and happened to stay itty-bitty.
He said she focuses on "calories"
instead of food...
...she "eats" an energy drink or frapaccino
instead of chewing on a meal.
I started looking through her old pictures
after hearing what he said.
She definitely used to be "softer."
I found a picture from a wedding a year ago
compared to a wedding she was just in
and she's much bonier.
I need to adopt that mindset!
I'm a fat-disgusting pizza-slamming hog.
I didn't eat one healthy thing all weekend
and now I have a wedding to attend Friday
in a cute dress with a huge body.
Must behave this week.
Absolutely must.