Friday, November 15, 2013

Melissa&Joey Thin

I've been watching Melissa & Joey on Netflix.
It's actually a pretty cute show.
And Joey Lawrence is incredibly hot.
- on the other hand -
fluctuates very obviously with her weight.
I'm sure she was having babies in "real life"
and she's an adult woman now
so the struggle is understandable
but I thought it was kind of awkward
the way the writers chose to handle her ups&downs.
They'd often make jokes about her eating&boozing
showcasing her love for donuts&wine
(odd since she's the gardian for 2 teens and drinks all the time)
almost to overcompensate for "accepting" her weight gain.
Then Joey Lawrence was always shown off
like a priced specimin of the male body
and they constantly play up how much we works out.
Another interesting observation:
(Mel's teenage niece)
definitely thins our throughout the seasons.

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