Friday, November 8, 2013

Wedded Thinspo

First there Adriana who got married on
and looked absolutely tiny for her wedding.
There's a scene
where she's walking into the hotel
and her legs look like sticks
in her huge heels and flowy shorts.
If I was going to be the center of attention
and take pictures I'll cherish forever
I guess I'd be really motivated, too.
Then there's my silly sister-in-law
giving my a stack of bridal magazines.
No, the boyfriend&I aren't engaged
and we probably won't be for a while
and I'm more than a-o.k. with that
but it's almost scary to think
that in just a few years
I could be walking down the aisle.
I really should be perfecting my thin frame
instead of losing a bunch then
and having everyone tell me:
how small I look for my wedding...
I want to be itty-bitty for every day.