Friday, November 1, 2013


I used to be so good at using the My Fitness Pal app
but for quite a while it's been forgotten.
I should get back to using it...
it definitely keeps me on track nicely
and now that I've got my head in the right place
I'll be motivated to utilize it.
It's interesting to keep up with friends' updates.
One girlfriend is always burning so many calories
and I wish I could convince myself to do the same!

On a different note - I found a good article...
Hollywood Dirty Diet Secrets:

I like the peanuts only & hard-boiled egg only.
I could definitely do that.
I love hard-boiled eggs so much.
I think dirty diet secrets are nice to know...
it's not like anyone believes those tiny bitches
are "tiny by nature"
so knowing their extreme measures
reassures me that my efforts are not in vein.
I can eat hard-boiled eggs only
and be just as small as all the celebs.

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