Thursday, October 17, 2013

Adderall Fact

This is very true...
especially for my recent week.
When attempting to "get back in the game"
a little help is always appreciated
and when I feel like I'm running on empty
Addy keeps me motivated&functioning
(and literally empty)
which makes me feel so hopeful.
Last night the boyfriend&I got together
with our newly-married couple-friends
(I've refered to the wife in previous posts)
and today was her first day back to nursing.
She talked about her 4 days of 12-hour shifts
and claimed "I'll be too tired even to eat!"
Of course not.
You're tiny, adorable, and newly married, girl would have the best exuce not to eat.
I plan to be too busy to eat.
I actually was last night...
I went to get artwork framed for our new house
and got lost in craft-store-world
for about 2 hours
which cut out dinner time.
.Apples&Wine instead.