Monday, October 21, 2013

Old Habits, New Look

I haven't purged in a long time.
Sure, I've done a lot of binging
but I haven't purged the binges.
Today, though, I couldn't stop myself.
After a weekend of stretching my stomach
and forgetting my adderal at home
I was in a munchie mood all day.
I ate my healthy salad
then proceeded to get chips&guac and froyo.
As I walked up the stairs I realized:
I have to throw this up.
So I did.
And boy am I out of practice.
I spewed it past the toilet and out my nose.
Not only did I have to clean up
but my nose is congested and eyes all puffy.
Maybe it will teach me not to binge at all.
Bursted Blood Vessels
I also haven't change the look of my blog
...not once in almost two years.
Unfortunately, my photo editor quit working
so I can't match that bright pink filter anymore.
Now, though, my blog matches my personality
...I was never really very girly or bright.
And now I can start posting personal photos again
since I've been unable without an editor.
New Template Cover