Thursday, October 24, 2013

Running Fail

Unfortunately that whole "more miles" part
will not be completed through running.
I kept hoping my knees would get better...
but they just haven't.
Everytime I run, they get worse
and I can't move for days.
And no matter how my I envy my runner-friends
I know I can't ruin my body
especially when they're are other activities
that will do my just as much good
and when lack of intake
is what I really need.
Cycling&Eliptical it is.
I can do this.
I will complete the whole "more sweat" part.
This past weekend was full of marathons
and pictures of runners blew up my facebook.
The girl below went to high school with me.
She was never super chubby
but always a little overweight.
Now, though, she's obviously not
as proven by this marathon picture.
From 2008-2013 her thighs have turned to twigs
and her shoulders are so teeny.
I really need to get my shit together.
I want random highschool classmates to see me
and be overwhelmed by my tiny frame.