Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Thinspo

The boyfriend&I attended weddings
two weekends in a row this month.
I really wanted to look great for the first one.
One of his best friends got married
and I wanted him to feel proud to show me off
to all his friends&family.
Even after having Mirena put in
(one of the most painful experiences of my life)
and being on my period
I felt small&thin in my form-fitting dress
and though almost every female guest
at that wedding was tiny
I was confident enough to dance&enjoy.
The next wedding wasn't as big of a deal.
A bunch of my sorority sisters
who have gotten fat since graduation.
Besides my closest girlfriend
the rest of them are much bigger than me
and seeing the ones I can't stand
looking all rolly-polly was very satisfying.
Now I have to look good for Halloween.
Oy, thinspo.
I guess I can't complain about the motivation.