Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travel Desires

This post has nothing to do with
weight, eating habits, health, or body image
- wild, I know -
but I came across this blog
and the pictures took my breath away.
I guess,
when it comes down to it,
I'd like my blog to have more to do with
My happiness directly correlates with
how I look&feel
but I also think my life
needs to take priority over my obsession
with weight&image.
So, here's a little peak into my soul:
I absolutely love architecture
[especially old buildings]
and finding beauty in unexpected places.
I love recycling&re-purposing.
I love traveling&exploring.
And I hope someday I can see the world
and enjoy every moment of it.
Sometimes I fear I'm simply living
nothing special
and I know I need to live.


  1. I would love to have a picnic outside of that house! Or live in that house with the tree and be in harmony with the earth! It is absolutely wonderful!

    I say happiness within the blog would be great, and who doesn't need a little inspiration now and then?

  2. I just finished reading through the blogpost of abandoned places. I could not believe the different places, especially amusement parks of all things, that have been abandoned over the years.

    I love Kennywood and Cedarpoint and couldn't imagine in my entire life them closing, let alone some that were never finished due to problems! What problems could anybody have with an amusement park, the government should bail them out like they do every other embarkment that fails!

    Anyways, wonderful blog, and thanks for sharing it with me.