Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Courtney Thorn-Smith-Thin

is in two of the shows I've watched lately
When Melrose started,
she seemed to just have a normal body,
but as the show progressed, she got smaller, and
- by the time she starred in Ally McBeal -
she'd gotten even more fit.
I really like her body, actually.
She's got great arms and a small waist
but it's obvious that her frame isn't tiny by nature,
so I can appreciate
the hard work she's put into maintaining her physique.
She's winy&needy on both shows,
but it's pretty funny&bearable.

As for "modern television,"
she's the mom on According to Jim
and she's still adorable&small.
I remember when that show first started
my mom mentioned thinking Courtney was cute
- now that I've seen her throughout the years -
I can see where the affection stems from.
I love the outfit she's wearing in the above photo, too.
It reminds me of dresses I dreamed of wearing
back in elementary school.