Monday, May 20, 2013

Bachelorette Thinspo

I decided to watch Bachelorette on Netflix recently.
I can't say I loved it...
but it was definitely a source of thinspo.
Kirsten Dunst is bulimic in the movie
(or had been bulimic)
and decides to purge when she's stressed,
which is something I've done often in life.
And all the main characters are teeny-tiny...
besides the actual bride
who says everyone thinks she's
"too fat to get married."
Also, there's some coke-usage,
which is another path I've taken to thin in the past.
So, anywho,
it was just a bit of unhealthy motivation
to stay on the skinny-trail.
In general,
I love Kirsten.
She's always been tiny
with an adorable-little-body
and roles that I enjoy.
I can never pass up a Kirsten Dunst movie.