Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The boyfriend&I ordered these
Green Coffee Bean capsules
through groupon a while back
and finally get them in the mail.
You just take one 2x daily
30 minutes before meals.
They don't make me feel any different yet.
I might up it to two 2x daily...
we'll see.
One nice thing is that I can't just
eat whenever I'm hungry
or think I'm hungry
because I have to have an empty stomach
and 30-minutes to wait.
On a different note,
the boyfriend has decided that I'm not losing
because I'm not eating enough,
which I think is an annoying concept.
I hate those things that say:
You have to eat to lose weight.
I just want to have negative intake
and be tiny...
but I can't deny that it's not working.
I net so low every single day
and I never seem to get smaller.