Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Defeated Bestie

My best friend is going on my upcoming vacation
she's been so discouraged about her lack of weightloss
though she claims to be eating "super healthy"
and exercising daily.
Well now... I know her
and I know she loves carbs.
Not that I'm knocking her eating habits.
She can do whatever she likes.
And she's never been overweight in my eyes,
so I don't think she should worry.
But, I know that everyone has their own views
and her view of herself is different than mine
...just like when people tell me to "eat something"
when I'm feeling like a fuckin' elephant.
I try to reiterate to her:
it's not about the weight.
You should focus on how you look&feel.
I'm consistently between 125-130lbs,
but I wear x-smalls&zeros
and am generally described as small.

I just want her to feel confident&happy
and thoroughly enjoy our vacation.
I think she's beautiful,
but... as we all know
our perceptions are only our own.

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