Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Real Women"

I know, this video was so 2-weeks ago
but I had too many posts planned
to talk about it back then.
I like the idea of what Dove did.
I think people view themselves
much differently than strangers view them
but I guess
-to play Devil's Advocate-
I'll say that:
just because no one described you as a fatty
to your face
doesn't mean you aren't.
And just because a stranger wouldn't tell you:
you look old
doesn't mean you don't.
It's all about the way you feel about yourself
-not the perceptions of those around you-
and you'll only look as good as you feel.

This tumblr post I found about the ad is interesting
and points out how often people use
fat&thin and young&old
as descriptive terms.
Whether we like it or not, 
we live in a world where looks are key
and that is a cold hard fact.