Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inflammation Irritation

So, I've been running like I said I wanted to,
but of course it hasn't been as easy as I'd hoped.
First, I had a lump in the top of my foot
that throbbed with shooting pain
with every step.
Then last night
I felt like my bones were rubbing on each other...
like my knee was going to fold over itself...
like the top&bottom would slip side-by-side.
Today, my hip&knee are swollen&inflamed
and I can't figure out why.
I looked up whether or not it's the food I'm eating.
I've been having lots of guacamole
and I wondered if avocados caused inflammation,
but apparently the prevent it.
I found that ginger is highly recommended
to decrease inflammation,
which doesn't make sense since I drink my tea daily
and my joints still ache.

I just don't know.
I'm not going to stop running...
or keeping up with my healthy diet,
so lets hope the inflammation simply calms down.


  1. Hey,
    I don´t want to sound like your mother, but you should really take a break from running and maybe cool the joints a little from time to time. Maybe you can get some Arnica from the drugstore?
    If you need extra exercise, do some Yoga, it is really hard if you do it the first time...
    Take good care,


  2. I agree, I tried to run last night and only made it a mile before I was in tears. Today is a day-off for me, but I think I'll do some different exercise until I can get out of bed in the morning without my hips&knees aching.
    I was reading up on foods&exercises for inflammation. Lets hope it calms down before next weeks end.

  3. Awe sorry about your foot! That is the worst but I hope it starts to get better soon. Do you have good shoes with good supports? I have really bad running shoes because I'm not going to spend $60 on a pair of shoes, and I end up having problems when I run for extended periods of time because they are just shitty shoes!

    I'm sending good medical healing brain waves to your foot, hopefully they work! Good luck too!.

  4. funny, cause I didn't consider my shoes... but I actually got my running shoes last year at this time (I remember because they were a birthday gift). I think it's safe to say they're probably worn out and I need a fresh pair. I'll have to start searching for some good ones. I always seem to find a good deal when I need it. ;)
    What would I do without you, my dear?