Friday, May 10, 2013

Concert Thinspo

About a month ago
The boyfriend bought me tickets for Christmas
and I'd almost forgotten that I got to go
in the time between then and the concert.
She was amazing, btw.
Honestly, the best artist I've ever seen preform
and I love music&shows.
I think one of the most interesting things to me
was looking at everyone's outfits.
Obviously, Taylor is a young&fashionable girl
and her fans follow suite flawlessly.
I was inspired by all the clothes&shoes...
...all I wanted to do was snap pictures
of things to buy for myself.
I was also very thinspired by Taylor's adorableness
in all her beautiful outfits.
She's not tiny...
just perfect.
She jumped around up&down the stage&stairs
on her extravagant set
and I couldn't help but admire her tight little body. it's time to shop
for more high-waisted shorts 
(which were what I actually wore to the show)
and some cute, button-downs
with lots of lace&crochet embellishments.