Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation Motivation (again)

I have NOT been a good girl lately.
I haven't been awful
but I've definitely been naughty.
I went on a camping trip
with some girlfriends last weekend
and brought some MaryJane with me.
I wanted to enjoy a tent on the beach
with a little mindlessness.
Unfortunately my girlfriends are munchers,
so I smoked&binged.
Irritating that I can't behave.
I have to start, though...
...and I can't just keep telling myself that.
I need to actually do it.
In exactly one month I'll be headed to LA
(for a week-long work conference)
and I want to look amazing.
This is real.
Under 120lbs by June 24th.
...I was gunna make eggless cookie dough
to snack on tonight
But I didn't have brown sugar,
so I'll take it as a sign to STOP.

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