Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'll admit, when Hunger Games came out
I was annoyed with Jennifer Lawrence.
I tend to dislike celebrities
that everyone obsesses over.
But, after Silver Linings Playbook, I loved her.
She's beautiful and a great actress.
I feel she's one of those people
who shifts in weight very easily, too.
(like me)
Sometimes she looks so bloated
then sometimes she looks so thin.
Either way, I think she's a stunning inspiration.


  1. Oh yEAH! I am totally the same way about celebs. I'm not sure I like her yet... I think the reason I don't like her is cuz she isn't 'skinny' but she gets away with it and everyone thinks she is so beautiful. It doesn't work that way for people like me, so I hate her. Jealousy makes you nasty... Xo

  2. Bahaha, I completely agree with the jealousy thing! My mom used to always tell me when I was little that no one should ever make me dislike myself... so when I looked at celebs and they made me feel fat or ugly I thought, "screw them - I'm not gonna get obsessed with some girl who'd prettier and skinnier!" ;D
    Silver Linings Playbook won me over - besides that, I don't know how much I like her either. ;)