Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Days.

I'm feeling very old lately.
very useless.
very underwhelmed.
I'm feeling like I've missed everything
...like I'm stuck.
I wish I was stoned.
I wish I fucked all the time.
I wish I worked out more.
I wish I read books.
.stretch my mind.
.control my body.
.dominat my world.
I was so motivated just weeks ago
and now I am just a slob.
.a bloated&lonely slob.
I need to find myself again.
I went through a Chips&Queso phase.
Last week I ate that 2 Days In a Row.
I know its not that naughty
and I know my intake isn't that high
but I haven't been working out enough
to allow myself to eat at all.
Guh. I suck.

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