Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ED Skeletons

I'm an on again - off again fan of the Real World.
Some seasons I get sucked in, but recently most uninterest me.
Last night, though, my roommate was watching Real World: Skeletons
and I perked up when I heard the term "Eating Disorder."
Apparently one of the cast members, Violette,
is always on the scale,
has been heard throwing up,
and keeps getting thinner&thinner.
During last night's episode she stepped on the scale
and the camera showed 106lbs 5'5" that is pretty darn tiny...
I weigh 20lbs more than that at 5'3"
and now I'm completely ashamed of myself!
Now, if I was on a TV show with my daily life being filmed
and just had my worth enemy&ex show up to live with me,
I'd be throwing up too
...but I often throw up when I'm upset
so I can completely relate&agree with Violetta.
"With me, it's a control thing.
The reason I do it is because something is happening in my life that I can't control."


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