Friday, February 20, 2015


The DUFF Cast
It's pretty silly that the main character, Mae Whitman,
is supposed to be fat, but isn't fat at all.
(though there were times during Parenthood when she didn't look so hot...)
But I still think its the perfect role for her.
Mae plays that angsty outcast wonderfully.
When I saw the first preview, I couldn't place Bella Thorne, though
...then I realized she played Adam Sandler's daughter in Blended
(and incredibly stupid yet embarrassingly laughable comedy with Drew Barrymore)
and I remembered how much I admired her thin frame after her "makeover."
The DUFF is definitely a flic full of beautiful&thinspirational people
and, if you haven't read the book: you should.
After her "makeover" in Blended
While shooting The DUFF

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