Thursday, June 23, 2016

Broken Weightloss

My heart has been broken.
For the millionth time by the same person in less than a year.
He treats me like garbage- over&over -then sleeps with me.
I fall for his bullshit every time,
believing he's just having commitment issues,
but now I've learned that he just doesn't care about me.
He cares about all the things I do for him,
but he doesn't care about the actual me at all.
And in letting his abuse me, I've stopped caring about myself.
So it's time to buckle down on running & dieting.
I organized my vitamins,
did a bunch of meal prep,
and registered for a half marathon,
which I've created a training schedule for.
Since we live together- he'll have to see me
and every time he does, he'll regret losing me more&more.

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