Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Running Rat

February & March
Spent 2 months as a hotel gym rat...
...wishing I could see more results.
I was half marathon training almost every night
even when I spent my days in classes & studying.
I must have simply been eating too much of that cafeteria food
cause even with 800calorie-burning workouts
I didn't seem any smaller.
October & November & December
Now I spend at least 3 nights a week at a hotel...
...and I think I finally may be seeing results.
But it's hard to keep a consistent workout schedule.
Sometimes it's late at night or early in the morning
and sometimes I'm simply exhausted after a long day
but I told myself I have to at least do 30mins of cardio.
For a couple of months now,
I've stuck with my plan well.
Sometimes I feel guilty that 30mins seems like so little,
but it's better than nothing
and I figure -after being on my feet all day- I don't need a ton.
I can tell my thighs&butt are tightening up again, too. 

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