Monday, March 9, 2015

Post-pregnancy Perfection

I stumbled upon this article from January
and was shocked by the comments people left on this poor girl's photo.
Pure jealousy - that's for sure.
But still, its so sad to me that our society worships tiny actresses&models
yet hates on them at the same time...
it's a lose-lose.
You're either tiny&perfect yet judged for being "too tiny"
or your fat&unhealthy yet judged for not being "tiny enough."
Why does anyone care what this mother's body looks like?
I know that I post a lot about actresses&musicians
and comment mostly on their appearances
(I mean, come on, you all know this is basically a thinspo blog...)
but I also don't really care if people want to be fatORskinny
as long as they're happy&healthy.
My goodness, the audacity of people to post negative comments
on a woman's progress post-birth is disgusting.
Also, I'd like to point out that her caption mentioned
how hard she's been working out to get this body back...
so it's not like she's even promoting an unhealthy lifestyle!

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