Monday, January 26, 2015

Popular Fat

These girls went to my high school.
They were the "popular girls."
The one in the cardi is pregnant, so I won't judge her.
I think it's impressive that the two on the outside are still thin,
(especially since the blond has 2 kids)
but I feel incredibly satisfied by the leopard-printed-shirt-one.
She was always the nice one who'd turn on you on a dime.
If you were cool that week, she was cool with you.
If you weren't cool, she didn't give you the time of day.
When her and her long-term boyfriend broke up,
she contacted me to help her move and find a new job.
Sure, yeah, I'll bend over backward for you after all these years.
I thought to myself, but obviously I helped anyway.
I wouldn't say I truly dislike any of them,
but I am very happy to be out of high school and far away.
Leopard-print has packed on quite a few pounds.
I smirk at the additional weight
and giggle at the comment she left on that group picture.
You're right, you look chubby,
and your friend who told you you're beautiful is simply kissing your ass.
I say to myself.
And I tell myself that I will never look like her
or have anyone telling me that I look good when I'm really fat.

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