Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mindy Weight

2004 Mindy vs. 2014 Mindy
So, I'm a huge fan of the Office and a big fan of the Mindy Project
(which is on tonight at 8:30c)
and I decided this week to start the Office at season 1 again
(for probably the 5th time)
and Mindy Kaling's look in the 1st season totally shocked me.
First of all, she was much darker
- not that that matters, but her skin is noticeably lighter now -
and thinner.
I find the weight-part very interesting because
(if you've ever watched the Mindy Project)
you know that she jokes about her weight&overeating&lackofexercise
and is portrayed as a very curvy, almost unhealthy doctor.
Now, I don't think she's actually a big girl at all.
(I mean, she's not thin by any means)
But I kind of feel like she's put on weight or trying to look bigger
just for the sake of the show&jokes.

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