Saturday, November 22, 2014

Biggest Picture

One of my best college girlfriends
has been using spinning&swimming and Weight Watchers
to lose the weight she gained after moving home from college.
She looks amazing!
And at lunch on Thursday afternoon
we were discussing how easy it is to gain without noticing.
We were talking about when we'd been at our "biggest"
and I can picture so clearly the exact day I think
I was the biggest I've ever been.
I had a day off from work and I did some shopping.
I wore a loose dress that I'd always worn with a belt,
but I let it fall sloppily around my chubby body.
I threw on accessories
- scarves&bracelets&layers -
to distract from how big my body looked.
My face was bloated&round
...even big sunglasses couldn't cover my sweaty cheeks.
I took pictures with some of the displays I liked.
(obviously not completely aware of how disgusting I looked)
Now I can look back on them
and remind myself never to look like that again.