Monday, December 22, 2014

Vintage Thin

The boy and I watched White Christmas the other day
and I was immediately brought back to my youth
watching it every year with my mother
who still watches it to this day.
I was shocked to notice how tiny Vera-Ellen was in it
and proceeded to tell the boyfriend that
it's no wonder I have such wild body image
when I grew up watching actresses like her
I had to read Vera's bio, of course:
"Vera's career died down in the late 1950s once filmed musicals lost their fashion. It was later discovered that, due to the dancer's compulsive dieting obsession, she had silently battled anorexia throughout much of the 50s before anyone was even aware or doctors had even coined the term or devised treatments." sad to suffer in silence,
but I can't help but wish I had the willpower
because her body looked absolutely flawless.

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